Shkbsh PFA staff 2018

the Prison Chaplains – They’re in the heart of Prison Ministry!
Shkbsh PFA has 11 chaplains that serve in ‘their own prison’.


A Prison Chaplain offers care, counseling and spiritual support to the prisoners of his or her prison. At the same time the chaplain relates to the family of prisoners; a prison sentence has a huge impact on the remaining family (members) too.
Through the contacts of the prison chaplain we offer spiritual ànd practical support in various ways, according to the need of a family and the possibilities that we have.
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On behalf of the family of prisoners the prison chaplain participates in wider oriented programs like Child Support Program, Diakonia, Angel Tree, Winter Project and Restoring Dignity. (Soon the programs will be linked)

From prison Chaplain Bledar
I take pleasure in meeting with prisoners on individually basis – this way I meet many persons. Based on their trust in me I was invited once in a cel of one of the men, with a broken leg with all kind of infections.
I felt encouraged to pray for healing for this man. Feel free to join me in prayer for this man I said to his cell mates. After that many others entered the cell that need prayer.
I like it much that they invite me into their cells; this is their only privacy where they feel comfortable to express themselves and can pray with me. I’m happy I can offer something that is missing in prison.