I want the world to know!

Last weekend was special; as many as 5 people from our programs were baptized! Baptism is an act of faith, obedience, and visibility. You declare your desire to follow Jesus, acknowledge His authority in your life, and that everyone is allowed to know.

It becomes even more remarkable when you consider that some of these young people have come from a life of poverty, domestic violence, and social isolation. Thanks in part to our programs, they have learned that each one of them truly matters and holds value. This is how God intended each of their lives to be. It’s beautiful that they were able to affirm this newfound realization through their baptism!”

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Albanian Prison Update December ’22

We just finished our Charity Event – an Experience without handcuffs. Many visitors and lots of activities – an unpreceded experience indeed. Also news on our upcoming Winter Project for 400+ families of prisoners, and the Christmas celebrations in prisons. Keep us in your prayers please.

Happy to Present our Annual Report 2022

I believe we prepared a nice document to show you what we have been able to do.
Every contribution in whatever form is highly appreciated.
May God continue to bless our ministry and the people we serve.