Prison Fellowship Albania

Together we can break the cycle of poverty

Welcome to Prison Fellowship Albania

Prison Fellowship Albania provides opportunities for (former) prisoners, their children, and their families to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. We share the gospel and offer practical assistance.

We actively work on the reintegration of former prisoners, the restoration of relationships, and provide training in nearly all prisons. The Dutch foundation helps make it possible for thousands of prisoners to receive visits each year and hundreds of children and their families to receive assistance through specific programs.

We also offer personal assistance, such as education support, home repairs, and medical care. Help us make a difference.

News from Albania


Albanian Prison Update December ’22

We just finished our Charity Event – an Experience without handcuffs. Many visitors and lots of activities – an unpreceded experience indeed. Also news on our upcoming Winter Project for 400+ families of prisoners, and the Christmas celebrations in prisons. Keep us in your prayers please.

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Happy to Present our Annual Report 2022

I believe we prepared a nice document to show you what we have been able to do.
Every contribution in whatever form is highly appreciated.
May God continue to bless our ministry and the people we serve.

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Our projects

“Prison Fellowship Albania operates in 19 prisons throughout Albania. Together with nearly 200 volunteers and over 60 local churches, our team of 26 individuals works towards our vision: Providing care to prisoners, their children, and families from a Christian perspective, and breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. We do this through various projects spread across the country.”